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About Indira Allegra

I am a socially engaged artist and writer and I believe art has the power to help us to understand the full complexity of human experience and improve our social condition. As my career has grown, 50-60 hour weeks have taken a toll on me physically with the removal of tumors and debilitating bouts of exhaustion brought on by Meniere's Disease. My goal is to raise a minimum of $720 per month so that I can expand and grow my creative practice, thrive as an artist, and secure the support staff I urgently need.

Your monthly contribution of $1 - $100 (*contribute what you can) will allow me to:
  1. Pay for Artwork Storage: Safely store artworks for exhibition and sale. 
  2. Pay for Studio Space: Have space to receive curators, academics and interviewers who are interested in learning about my work. 
  3. Hire Support Staff: HIRE folks to support my practice, like assistants to move artworks and supplies and to install work for exhibitions, photographers and videographers to document the work.
  4. Build Community: Feel supported in my art making by my larger community, knowing that my labor is making a positive impact!
As a queer woman of color with disability, I have rare perspective to see connections between people, histories, objects and environments that most would think are separate from one another. The work I do is physically challenging and emotionally demanding as I must exercise unusual courage and empathy to make work about tension, grief and memorial. 

Your sustained, financial support is a form of solution-making at a moment where we may not have the kind of political power we want, but you can exercise cultural power through your support of me as an artist, activist and thinker.

Thank you <3
$160 of $160 per month
When I reach $160 monthly I will be able to pay for a storage unit to safely hold finished works in between exhibitions and sales. 
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