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you are infinitely kind and good! i will astral project a kiss upon your left cheek every full moon.
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an astral projected kiss for you and access to secret videos unseen by human eyes for centuries (a few years)

viral vizier
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your generosity knows no bounds, so i will draw a special picture just for you! also: access to previously mentioned ancient, unlisted videos




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Hey, it's me Indy!
I enjoy filming comedy videos, making weird vlogsdesigning thingsdrawing weird things, and replicating old junk from time to time. I usually do this in my free time, which also happens to be the times I'm procrastinating something else (I'm procrastinating something as I write this). Since I enjoy doing these things, and since I know at least five people enjoy the things I do, maybe I could make a dollar every now and then when I make a video or something, who knows? Your support, no matter how small, is wholeheartedly appreciated! I got stuff I need to get out of my body and into your computer, and you can help make it happen!
indy xoxox
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If I could make any amount of money doing this I'd have, at the very least, some sense of purpose or place in this ever expanding universe; the frequency at which I experience existential dread will be cut by 10%.
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