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how does this shit work Tier
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This is for moms and grandparents who accidentally pay me a small amount before realizing whats going on 
free script!
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I will send you a pice of paper with notes or old scripts on it. I'v been saving them for this. Then one day I will be famous and you can sell the scraps on ebay 
Custom Fortune cookies
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I will make a bag of ~60 fortune cookies with humorous and or offensive messages. It will probably take me a long time and ultimately not be worth it for me but im down like a clown 




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Hey yall

My Name is Jake and I'm the creator of this sketch comedy show. I'v been in and around the independent video world for ruffly 10 years and I'v been on this sketch comedy journey for the last 4 years. My inspiration comes from watching sketch comedy shows like: The Kroll show, Adult Swim, Key and Peel, Workaholics ect with groups of stoners and saying to myself: thats what I want to do. 

I know its a long road to walk but I enjoy walking it. Some day I hope to have my own Comedy Central sketch show. I make this show with my own money and time so anything you can add is a major help and will go right back into production.

My favorit type of comedy is absurdist alt-com sketch. I'm not so much into "theater sketch comedy" or "youtubers" style comedy. I like how video editing tricks and techniques can really boost humor. 

Thanks for checking me out! 
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