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About Ingridbeast

My name is Ingrid, I'm a Norwegian cosplayer and Singer/Songwriter also known as Ingridbeast. I've been dressing up as characters and making costumes since I was a kid, and about ten years ago I discovered that there was both a name and a community for it. As you can imagine, I joined the cosplay community with glee!

I also write and perform music, mainly in the folk genre, with massive influences and inspiration gathered from both fandom and traditional Irish, Scottish and English folk music. I've had some training as a singer, and I play the guitar. I'm also in the process of trying to teach myself how to play the fiddle.

I love every opportunity to combine cosplay and music, and have already recorded a couple of songs in cosplay, but I would love to do more!

It would be a dream come true if cosplay and music could become something I do for a living, but I recognise that such a dream will demand a lot of hard work. However, with your help, perhaps I can take a small step closer to that dream. I hope to create more cosplays, music and fun content for you to enjoy. I hope to learn new techniques and crafts, and invest in better tools and equipment which will all allow me to increase both the quality, variety and quantity of content I produce.
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When I reach this goal, I will make a print store where I will be selling prints of my cosplays! Patrons will get a 25% discount on their first purchase!
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