Claressa Griffin

is creating surrealist art, zines, and art events in St. Louis
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About Claressa Griffin

Welcome to the iTZine Patreon!!

Why does iT zine need a patreon, and what do pledges help with?
Since 2015, InkTrash has slowly evolved into iTs own multimedia entity. Art prints, posters, zines, t-shirts, stickers, and an iT clothing line are now all sold, and STL shows are booked under the iT moniker, by artist Claressa Griffin.

What am I organizing in regards to shows? I started my art career promoting my visual art through zines I sold at punk shows. On 7/7/2018, iT Zine booked its first ever music, arts, & zine fest. It showcased local bands, acts, and artists, and gave them the same opportunities to sell their visual artwork as I've gotten.

Basically: Musicians, self-publishers, and visual artists-anyone creating anything artistically, need to work together. I noticed the visual art element was absent from local shows. I want to change that.

iT Zine, as an entity, wants to regularly book and hold shows & events that showcase bands and music as well as visual art. We want to give as many artists as possible the opportunity to vend or showcase their work as coexistent with the local music scene as possible.

iT wants to hold more music/vending/art fairs, zine & small press expos, music showcases, art shows-you name it.
We want music, arts, and subcultures to have success in harmony.

Claressa Griffin & inkTrash are currently working with local projects such as Art Front and Gateway Goth Events. I'm also working on opening a community art studio & workshop on Cherokee Street.

All Patrons will help me let St. Louis' art community flourish, bring life to all of my projects, and give voices and opportunities to fellow artists who don't have them.

Personal Bio by Claressa Griffin:
I'm a prolific artist, surrealist, and certified graphic designer from St. Louis who has been drawing since I was two years old. Making art is second-nature to me-it's what I've done all my life and what I'll be doing for the rest of it. I'm eclectic in what I create; I like to explore different artistic styles and art movements. Types of work I create are:
surrealism/pop surrealism, illustration, lowbrow art, portraiture, graphic design, sketches, collage, abstract art, anatomical drawings, and comics. 
All of there genres are explored in my art zine, inkTrash zine, which I started when I was 17. inkTrash (or iT Zine) is as "an experimental trashcan of art", with only music reviews and stories interrupting the different styles clashing. I started out selling my zines around my high school, and at small punk shows. 
Nowadays however, iT Zine has 4 issues out, a cult-following, and I appear at local shows & vending events as the sole entity running iT zine. with not just zines; but prints, posters, stickers, and t-shirts. Making an art zine has helped me tremendously as an artist.
Pledges go to help me with printer ink, gas, re-printing, materials for the iT clothing line, operating my eTsy, art supplies, and everything else needed to produce my work. 
Patrons will be able to see never-before-seen wip's, unfinished paintings, wip's that still have ghost lines & the anatomical layouts (which can be used for reference), previews at new projects, my printing process, zine-making process, writings, musings on my creative process, and anatomical & shading/highlight tips.

I'm incredibly grateful for everyone who has helped and encouraged me to self-publish and continue creating my work. Follow my instagram for more updates.
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I'll be able to make screenprinted (and better quality) iT art t-shirts!
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