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Thanks for supporting me! You get access to the public Patreon feed and the Discord chat.

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Digital Goodie Gumdrops: Finished Work
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🌸  Early stage plush & product designs 

🌸  Illustrations in progress + more! 

🌸  A monthly downloadable wallpaper for your phone

🌸  A look at finished illustrations & product designs before they're published elsewhere

🌸  Early Access to art & merch sales before they're available to the public

🌸  Access to the inki-Drop Discord Chat

This will be updated at least once per week--adding the WIP updates in too, that's just $.37 per update!

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Sticker of the Month Club!
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In addition to the rewards from the Digital Goodie Gumdrops tier, you'll receive:

🌸  Three new sticker designs mailed to you every month before I release them on or sell it at conventions. You'll receive 3 stickers total (artist's choice). 

US & International shipping included!

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About inki-Drop

Hi, hey, hello! 

I'm Shelly, creator of the indie character goods brand inki-Drop. I am an illustrator, designer and writer. As an original character goods artist, I design characters and turn them into plushies, accessories, stickers and whatever else I dream up!

The Pin & Sticker Club is a way for me to indulge my imagination and test new ideas.

Since I have so many characters (and somehow am always coming up with more, ha!), they won't always make it to plush form. Sometimes, a sticker or pin is the only version of the character that might ever exist!

Sounds neat! What do I get for backing you on Patreon?

It's entirely up to you, and what you'd like to pledge! You can choose from:
  • Access to a behind-the-scenes blog 
  • Finished artwork before I post it elsewhere
  • Discord chat so we can keep up with each other
  • A special Patrons-only discount on orders
  • Early product releases--you can get stickers & pins mailed to your home before I release them for general sale online & at conventions! Yippee!!
Thank you for choosing to support me!

Why Patreon?

Patreon is a way for you to support an artist in an ongoing & important way every month. In exchange for your generous pledge, I'll share an exclusive & ongoing behind-the-scenes look at what I do. You'll get to see new products in their formative stages, before I reveal information about them anywhere else!

I don't expect or assume that anyone will contribute to my campaign--I will always create new work and share it on instagram, youtube, twitter, etc., but if you feel like chipping in a few bucks, it will always go back into making more cute stuff!

Thank you for reading. :)

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Bigger Pins!
Hitting this goal allows me to produce larger 1.5"/3.81cm pins every month, instead of the 1"/2.54 we currently make. 

When we meet and maintain this goal, *all* patrons will be mailed a Patreon-exclusive sticker!
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