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This will be my subscriber button for now until (or if) I get partnered.

You will receive:

- access to BTTV Inksie emotes (currently looking for someone to make them for me! >_<)
- entered into sub giveaways.
- exclusive selfies that I won't post elsewhere (up to 5 per month)
- my sincere thank you and mention on my stream~! 

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Receive all of the above and:

- access to my steam friend list, snapchat and so we can dungeon and/or raid! 
- priority in viewer games!
- pick out what I should eat for my next eating stream! (NO SEAFOOD THO PLS I HATE SEAFOOD)




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About Inksie

HI GUYSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

So, I'm pretty new to all this Patreon stuff so please bear with me while I work on my page! :) 

While I work on becoming a partner on Twitch, I will be using Patreon to fund my stream while you guys get rewards for helping me do that.

ALL of your support is greatly appreciated. It means so much to me and I cannot thank you enough for your help. 
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