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About Rachyl

First things first. Hello!
I'm Rachyl, and I have a confession to make: I just can't stay away from art supplies. Lettering was my first artistic love, starting with an admiration for a friend's neat and tiny handwriting, and really kicking off with my first calligraphy class at summer camp after third grade. I've tried lots of different arts and crafts over the years, everything from stone carving to watercolour to collage to photography. The thing I miss most about taking art classes was getting to experiment with new media every couple of months! So recently I've been doing that again, and it's been so much fun.

Since pen and ink work is one of my favorite kinds of art to do, I've named my page Inkthusiasm.

Everyone always said...
When I show my art to people, one of the usual reactions is "wow, you could sell that!" And I did, for a while - I've taken calligraphy and lettering commissions, and I've designed tattoos, t-shirts, and stickers. But I didn't want to fall into the trap of having to make my hobby into a hustle.

Okay, so why now?

In February 2019, my brother was sentenced to five and a half years in jail for a crime he didn't commit. This has been incredibly stressful, both emotionally and financially, on our family. The cost for the lawyers has already been astronomical and now the court has imposed additional fees, due on his release, of an amount that could buy a brand new luxury car.

Not the entry-level model, either.

It's kind of ridiculous.

I have to do something to help.
The idea of setting up a GoFundMe campaign wasn't appealing. Asking for money without offering anything in return seemed wrong to me. So I thought about what I could offer, and how I could help raise money, and tried to come up with the best way of doing it.

The power of a little bit over a long time.
As a knitter, I know that just repeating the small motion of pulling a loop of yarn through another loop of yarn will eventually create a sweater or a shawl or a pair of socks. It just takes a small action... repeated many times. And as someone who's contributed to many fundraisers over the years, I know that even "only" a dollar or two can make a real difference, if enough people contribute "only" that much. 

What will I post here?

I'm planning to focus on pen and ink, but from time to time you may also see some of my painting, fiber arts, and other artistic experiments! If it involves art in some way, you might see it here. Most Patreons have more of a theme, I know, but most Patreons are about making money for the artist and this one isn't, so I hope you'll consider my motivation to be positive and sign up anyway. 

And who knows? As we go along, maybe a theme will come up. We can explore whatever concepts we want! Feel free to offer suggestions of things I should try, or quotes you'd like to see, or types of art. 

Because this is a fundraising effort rather than a money-making business, I'm going to share the pictures of my art as public posts so that more folks can see them and maybe will be encouraged to make a monthly pledge... but then if there are high-resolution scans, coloring pages, or anything that I'd sell on other sites, those will be for patrons only.

As I create more art, I'll offer pieces for sale as an additional fundraiser, and of course patrons will get first dibs on each original. So if there's something you really like, let me know!

Are you willing to help?
Every little bit counts, and every last cent that I get from this effort is going to go towards paying off those fees. We have about five years to go before the bill comes due, and we've got nearly half of the total covered (if everyone sticks around, that is). Would you become a patron of the arts to support this cause?

$293 of $600 per month
Yup, it's a stretch. A crazy dream. Way out in left field. But at this level, over a span of five years, we can all come together and pay off that ridiculous fee.
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