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My name is Meggles, and this adorable cat is Kari.
I am a self-taught artist with over twenty years of experience. Ever since I was ten years old, I've known exactly what I wanted to do with my life: make comics and artwork that people can enjoy. Thanks to my introduction to the internet, my dreams have a chance of being realized!

Unfortunately, due to a number of reasons, I am not currently able to produce work at a frequent enough pace. Many of these reasons stem from one core problem: I am not financially able to take care of them. This is why I've joined Patreon! I'd like to be able to one day be self-sufficient by making a living off my passion; artwork!

What are you capable of?
I've been on a number of online communities for over a decade, but as of this moment I'm currently most known for my fanart and ridiculous drawings:

Whenever I can, I also make short comics:

I am also a steady contributor to any fandom I happen to be a part of, often in ways of askblogs, discussion, and fanart.

And, of course, I also take commissions.

Find more of my work at the following websites:
Art Blog

What I'd like to do here on Patreon is find a way to continue to work on my projects while not having to worry about all the hurdles that are getting in my way.

What are your goals?

This is what I am hoping to achieve with this campaign:
  • Earning enough money for food for both myself and my feline friend
  • To continue work on my creative projects without having to worry about the hurdles in my way.
  • To produce many short comics and pieces of art work that people will enjoy.
  • LONG TERM GOAL: Make this my permanent career by gaining enough money to be self-sufficient so that I may work on these projects full-time.

What can I do to help?

You can help me simply be donating a dollar a month to my campaign! You're of course welcome to give me more, but a dollar alone would go a very long way towards getting me to my goal. And if you like my work, please tell your friends! I want my art to reach as many people as possible, and the more people who it makes happy, the more happy I am!
$23 of $40 per month
This amount will be used strictly to make sure Kari and I are fed every month (and in her case, sometimes spoiled with treats and a cat toy or two).
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 217 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 217 exclusive posts
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