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About Inner Diamond Insights

I'm Ann Marie Cross, author of Inner Diamond Insight Cards, a deck of 70 messages pointing to the wisdom, joy and creative power that is our true essence. 

The cards invite us to attend to our own needs first and foremost, just because we're worth it.

The cards affirm our right to exist. To simply be. To rest as we are. Imperfect, lovable, truly beautiful and -- sometimes -- just a mess.

The cards ask us to deepen our trust in the natural, good flow of life. To fill ourselves with the richness of the moment and receive creative inspiration. To do what we love.

And a great by-product is that when we've allowed ourselves the care we need, and the joy we love, we 're in a position to benefit others. We do that simply by being ourselves and doing what comes naturally, from a place of fullness.

"Working with Inner Diamond Insight Cards is a valuable practice for anyone on a path to their Higher Self.” 
Diane Taylor, author of The Gift of Memoir

Posts and Phone Sessions
I'm currently offering most posts free to the public. Just click "Posts" at the top-left of this page. Hit the "Follow" button for notification of new material. To inquire about a phone session, where I could (among other things) help you relax into an experience of your true self, and show you how to do powerful readings on your own, please message me here or email [email protected] Sessions are $60 (Canadian) for about 30 -- 45 minutes.

The Story of the Cards and How to Buy Them
The cards were born in 2011, following an intention of sharing with others what had helped me not only cope with chronic illness, anxiety, and self-doubt, but to live life more fully, experiencing with increasing depth the satisfaction, happiness, and sense of humour that comes with truly opening to life, to self, to the moment. The cards are meant to be a comfort, encouragement, inspiration and wake up call for others and for me. I am myself still growing into the wisdom of the cards. I've stumbled and fallen countless times, but more importantly I've gotten back up again (my personal story is below). We're all in this together!

The new 2019 edition is out. Every card was combed through with great care. A few things were dropped, many were added, and there are now 11 new cards, including Courage, Stillness, Upward Spiral, Focus, and Nourishment. All of the old favourites are still here, too, like Beloved (which assures us of our innate purity and goodness), Newness, Celebration, Earthen Vessels (which reminds us of the importance of self-care of body and home) and Inner Teacher. The new edition feels more expansive and has more depth.

These stores are currently selling the cards for $20 to $25 Cdn:
Toronto: Gifts From the Earth
Port Hope: Peaceful Arts
Cobourg: Mystic Roots
Colborne: Cree Organics
Or you can have them shipped to you or a friend for $35incl. (Canadian)

From the JOKER card:
Knock knock! Who's there? Your sense of humour! Piss off. Nice to see you, too. Open up. You need me right now.

My Story
When diagnosed in 1997 with rheumatoid arthritis (an auto-immune illness) I was drinking and smoking heavily, using recreational drugs, eating a poor diet, dealing with intense mood swings, and generally living very fast. I had no real sense of self-care or peace. Exhaustion led me to leave my full-time management position and I began learning a new way of being. I researched chronic illness, addiction, healing, nutrition, spirituality, meditation. I read The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron, began painting and joined a gallery. Drinking, smoking, drug habits fell away. I saw a naturopath and a psychologist. Two decades later, tremendous healing has taken place. Deeper realizations of a place of stability and goodness within me are uncovered as time passes. And a few years ago, after adding natural medicines and supports to my routine, I tapered down on my pharmaceutical meds and then dropped them totally. My body is not dis-ease-free; there has been an ebb and flow of sensations, discomfort, fatigue and so on. And I'm still learning how to best care for myself. To find that sweet spot -- that balance of remaining open to further healing and taking appropriate measures while accepting whatever symptoms (emotional, mental and/or physical) are arising in the moment. And to be able to experience, at times, such exquisite joy and peace -- even in the midst of pain and disability -- this is a treasure beyond price. In the big picture, the peace and joy are ever-deepening.

What People Are Saying
About Inner Diamond Insight Cards

Amy B., counselor, says "The inspiration and direction I receive from Inner Diamond Cards has been priceless. I am amazed at the depth of each card and find new meaning each time I pull. Countless 'wow' and 'goosebump' moments using them with clients. The cards are a real gift to my life, like a candle on a dark night."
"Wonderful set of cards. Inspiring, insight-full, and full of love." Tannice G., Yoga teacher, book designer/artist
"These cards have a special place in my heart; I was instantly drawn to them. [The messages are] kind, loving, blunt, and humourous. I use them when creating my jewelry, with spirit by my side." Rachael French
"Ann Marie your writing inspires me daily through your cards, so beautifully written and healing, they've helped me in this process of the human experience we call life." Tanya E.
"I got goosebumps, Ann Marie, reading your words. You've reached macrodimensional consciousness. Your diamond light sharing is potent & helpful to us all, thank you." Robin V.

The Inner Diamond CELEBRATION card:
All of nature is in a continual celebratory flow.Time to stop pushing for better and better results, and instead recognize the glorious facts of the way things already are. You are a superstar! Don’t believe it? Give it a chance. The truth is that you have accomplished good-enough things for the moment and it’s important to allow that to sink in. Step back, fold your arms, and survey the treasures of your kingdom. Are you still alive? Something to celebrate! Have you learned anything lately? More cause for revelry. What about your friends, or others around you… anything to applaud there? It’s time for a thanksgiving party, no matter what’s going on in your life right now. Blow off some steam, play some music, do some dancing, notice the colours around you, the vitality pulsing in all things. Hopes and dreams can indeed come alive -- some say that’s what we’re here for. So there’s times when attention to detail is important, times when persistence pays off, and times when it’s wise to pause and enjoy what you have created for yourself and what grace has bestowed. Skipping the pause for gratitude and self-satisfaction guarantees that you will feel the treadmill effect at some point, or frequently. Not necessary! The Lord of the Dance formally requests your presence at the festivities.
Indulge in the appreciation of the miracle of You, and of all Life.

How to tell the difference between glass and Diamond? Strike glass and it shatters. But Light can’t be harmed. Listen carefully: You are not alone, and you have more power than you could possibly imagine. Faced with conditions that confuse, frustrate, or seem to confine you? You signed up for this remarkable situation, and it's absolutely happening for a good reason. If it feels like things are going wrong or slow, you are being asked to adjust your pace, invoke curious patience, and open to the situation for you are attaining mastery. Deep lessons are being learned, and all will come to light in time. Sometimes Life says "do you trust me or not?" And you have a choice, an opportunity. You can run away, shut down, point fingers, become helpless… or you can take one step into the part of yourself that is so resilient, so intelligent and so loving that it handles beautifully whatever comes, no problem. Step into the heart of the Diamond. Feel its powerful white-gold light shooting rays out from your center, saturating your aura, forming a peaceful and protected space for your being. From this secure place, you can take appropriate action when the time is right.
Beneath the surface, things are shifting. Seeds for magnificent flowers are waking up. Be unwavering in your yielding to your true power.

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