Insane Clown Posse

is creating Ark Survival Evolved
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Beach Noob
per month
*(1) Lvl 75 Wild Dino Spawn for you to tame [Restrictions Apply].

*Full Set of (Primitive) Armor of your Choice w/ Tools (pike)

Thatch Survivor
per month
*(10) kibble type (egg kibble/cake/deathworm horn)

*Dropoff of 100 Fertilizer/dye (each color)

*(1) Lvl 100 Wild Dino spawn for you to tame. Restrictions Apply (see higher tiers)

Wood Survivor
per month
*All Previous rewards

*(1) Lvl 125 Wild dino spawn for you to tame (starter tier dino). Restrictions apply (see higher tiers)

*2 Mastercraft Tool Blueprints of your choice




per month