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You have a huge impact, so you can shock every enemy. Now you can get lightning updates of the project.

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I'm trying to make a 3D model of "Scala ad caelum". I know I can't do it as good as thousands of artists working on the project, tho I really wanna try it :D
It's a personal work, that means I'm the only artist doing all the stuff, so it will be slow... It will take a LOT of time and effort... And even more if we have in count that I'm still stuying an arts degree...

Thank you if you support me. I promise that every cent that you give me will be invested in creating more and better stuff. 

Again, thanks for your support.
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Ending a HUGE 3D project that takes a lot of time, then exporting it into UE4 to be freely explored by anyone. 
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