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Welcome to The Insiders! First of all THANK YOU for this huge show of faith. For your support, you'll have access to our patron-only posts and the patron-only feed, where the community of Insiders and Outsiders come together and we share news and updates of the collection. You'll have the chance to ask questions, raise suggestions, make requests and follow the progression of the work. But most of all, you'll have our Love. We appreciate you, thank you!
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Welcome to The Outsider's Insider! Again THANK YOU SO MUCH, Rah and I could not be more grateful for this gesture support. For this you'll have access to our patron-only posts and the patron-only feed, as above, and you'll also be emailed directly by us both, a monthly image from our magical photo archive. We will also include your name in our online credits, as one of the amazing individuals who helped make this project possible! THANK YOU. 
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Step Behind the Guide! Again, again - really THANK YOU SO MUCH, we're ecstatic!!!! For your pledge you'll have access to our patron-only posts and patron-only feed (as above) you'll also received the exclusive project emails, and monthly archive photos and online credits - but ALSO we'll be sending you behind the scenes interviews documenting the progress of the project. You will get to hear from us the creators, as well as from some of the incredibly special humans we'll be photographing. THANK YOU.




The Insider's Collection: 'An outsider's view of an insider'
By Rah Petherbridge & Laura Drake Chambers 

The Insider's Collection is an intimate documentation of humans that have been broadly cast under a societal label. The collection will be printed in boxed volumes of prints that can be shelved or framed is desired. Each print will have it's own identity, story and a simple interview with the people that feature. The interview will allow the sitter to either embrace the label or put us right about the assumed label.  

This is an ongoing project and as we achieve our Patreon goals we will be able to keep making the precious content needed to build the volumes within the guide.  

A note from the creators, Laura & Rah: 
First of all we would to thank all of those who have supported us this far, who have introduced us to the incredible people we plan to photograph, a huge thanks to those who introduced us to Patreon and especially to those who have invested in the creation of The Insider's Collection so far.  

To all of you who have just discovered us, Welcome!!!
We invite you to step inside the pages of the Insider's guide, and sit and observe with us, as we document and interview some of the most diverse, individual and normal humans that make up the world's most misused and misunderstood social labels.

A note from the founder & photographer, Rah Petherbridge
"I've spent my entire life trying to find a place to blend in. I toured cultures and sub-cultures, countries and clubs, religious groups and community centres - and I still don't feel like I'm on the inside. I’m different, for many reasons, we all are. And what I’ve found out on the way is that we all strive to find like-minded folks, to help us feel like we belong, either to each other or to a higher power. Though ultimately we're alone on this planet, outside of whats going on on the inside.

My hope is to reach out to individuals who, to the outside eye are grouped together, either by labels society assumes on them or people who proudly label themselves as a tool of self-definition. I want to give them a soap box to stand on and say their piece. I want to show their individuality, outside of the label that has been prescribed to them. The aim of this is acceptance.

There is no way we can all agree on everything. But we can certainly hear each other, try to understand what it’s like on the other side and accept that we’re different.

A note from the producer & art director, Laura Drake Chambers:
"Rah and I have spent the past 5 years shooting everything from puppet collections, theatrical costumes to huge christmas shows, so when she came to me with the idea of photographing beautiful ordinary people in a relaxed (non-theatrical setting) just being themselves, I was so curious, excited and intrigued by what we could all create together.

This project has sat in our hearts for years now, we've chucked it around in late night conversations, nagged each other to start this thing so many times, it feels genuinely brilliant to have clicked the 'launch' button together - sat in my living room with thunder and lightning hammering the windows. This feels like the perfect start.  

A note on working with my great friend Rah:
I've watched Rah work with hundreds of people, celebrities in theatres, puppeteers on sets, friends in photoshoots - her confidence and charisma behind a camera and her empathy, love and support for the person in front of it, is extraordinary and it's a privilege to work with her. Over the years I've learned that the fire and passion she has for capturing the individuality of the people she shoots, has come from her fierce understanding of her own outsiderness, and I'm so proud to be making this incredible guide to human nature alongside her."

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Our first and most important goal.
When The Insider's Guide reaches this goal we will do a little dance live on camera, because this means we can proceed with shooting the very first volume of The Insiders Collection, and that my friends is a beautiful thing. 

Your pledges will be invested in paying for the time of all of the creatives involved in this project, it will also pay for the studio that we will be shooting in, it will cover lighting and photography equipment, editing time and the very real expenses of the individuals that will be joining us on this journey, like food, travel, childcare.

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