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Donate $2 to the project each time an album is released. Get digital releases (.WAV and .MP3 downloads) that are otherwise only available for streaming on SoundCloud and/or YouTube.

50% of all profit is split with the artist

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Digital copy of each new release. You will also be listed as a supporter on our website, and will be included on our mailing list. Also get digital releases (.WAV and .MP3 downloads) of materials otherwise only available for streaming on SoundCloud and/or YouTube. 

 50% of all profit is split with the artist

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Previous tier + ship you a CD of each new release.

  50% of all profit is split with the artist 




per album release

About Insitu Recordings

Insitu Recordings is a record label/artist collective based in Bali, Indonesia. We release high-quality audio and video recordings of gamelan and gamelan-inspired music from composers and ensembles across Bali and around the world.

To thank you for supporting the Insitu Recordings project we will keep you up to date and send you each release. Depending on which tier you select, you will also get extra materials such as t-shirts, stickers, and physical copies of releases. Most importantly, contributing at any tier helps ensure  this project will continue. Countless hours are put into each release, from the creation and rehearsal of the music to the final mastering and release. Without you, none of this would be possible.

You will not be charged anything until our next release.
$98 of $1,000 per album release
Insitu Recordings splits 50% of profits with the artists involved in each release. If we earn $1000 per creation we will be able to pay these artists roughly $500 at the time of recording. In addition to this payment we will continue to share 50% of the profits earned all non-patreon album sales.

The remaining 50% of profits are used to cover label expenses (web-hosting, equipment maintenance, digital distribution, etc.) and will eventually help us purchase laptops, software, and studio monitors. This will enable members of our team on Bali and Java to participate in the recording, mixing, and mastering process of releases. We also aim to create paid positions for Balinese Insitu members and regional representatives with a modest salary. This will allow them to invest more time in their production and administrative roles.

When we reach our goal of $1000 per creation, we will organize an Insitu Recordings music festival on Bali and live-stream it to patrons, who will also be invited to join in person. This has been a long-time dream of many of us here at Insitu Recordings, and will be a celebration of everyone in Bali and around the world who has worked so hard to make this project a success.
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