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Hi~! I'm Tara Ogaick and I'm an illustrator, writer, game dev, and animal fanatic! I've created this Patreon to fund the illustrations I'm making on a weekly basis to draw attention to rad activists and heroes of mine and to develop my first "full" game, Fish Game!

Weekly Illustrations & Activism

  • I've been creating weekly illustrations of activists and heroes in my life. There are so many people fighting to improve quality of life for their communities, who fight against inequality, sexism, racism, homophobia, and racism. A lot of that work is risky and doesn't get a lot of the spotlight.
  • I spend anywhere from 10-20 hours on each illustration. I start on paper, then move to the computer for colouring, detailing, and final touches.
  • I'd like to turn these illustrations into a small comic book and give some more information about each person and their work!

Fish Game

  • I started experimenting with making art assets and music for little games almost 4 years ago with Cameron Kunzelman called "Acquiescing to the Violence of Time". It was awesome. I've made some more, very small games, but I'd like to make something a bit larger and more meaningful. 
  • Making 2D art and animations for games is incredibly time-consuming, but I love it! I've started working on a game tentatively called "Fish Game" where the players gets to deliver mail to a bunch of sea creatures! It's still in its infancy so you'll be part of all the growth of the game! 
  • It's narrative, exploration, and puzzles (so far!). I'll be making some bloopy music for it, too.
  • The game will be available on Steam and itch.io when it's ready!

Reasons for Reward Tiers

I've kept my rewards as manageable as I can. I read up on Kickstarter and Patreon and what can happen when creators offer too much extra content or rewards. Most often, creators get burnt out or end up spending a huge chunk of time (outside of the time that's paid by patrons) trying to produce the rewards. I want to make sure that my patrons have as much visibility as possible to the work that I'm producing, and that I can set manageable goals and produce really beautiful work <3.

Where is Fish Game currently at?

  • I have created (counts) 8 full-coloured static assets (they are individual characters with little backstories at the moment)!
  • I have (counts) 25 (dang) illustrated assets (they are individual  characters and environment assets) waiting to be coloured!
  • There is a 3D environment where the 2D creatures are hanging out (it's cool, so cool, screenshots incoming)!
  • I have the skeleton of a story and I'll blog about it for my patrons so they can input ideas and help us flesh out this world more!

How many Activists/Heroes are you planning on illustrating?

OMG SO MANY. I'd like to make a full-coloured printed comic of at LEAST 150 pages. I want the comic to be available at Drawn & Quarterly and online!

What the heck will you blog about?

Mostly games! I'll share little reviews I make about the games I'm playing with some comics in-between!
I'll also share my research and who I'm thinking of illustrating and why. A lot of my work is about careful collaborations and respectful research. Part of what makes Never Alone such an incredible game is how much work the development team went into working carefully with Native people of Alaska! I'd like to build on that work and share it openly with my patrons before publishing it more publicly. The more we make collaborative work available and open, the better (and less exploitative) our creative work will be!

O HAI! I'm Tara~
I grew up all over the world, predominantly in Saudi Arabia, before coming back to Canada. My mom is Iranian and my dad is Canadian. I recently reconnected with my amazing cousin, Jay Odjik, a First Nations comics creator (who is awesome and you should check out his work), which helped bolster my interest in Indigenous issues and my love of comics. I've been a teacher, graphic designer, retail clerk, waitress, community manager, web designer, and a few things I'm sure I'm forgetting. It's been hard to find any kind of sustainable, full-time work. Full disclosure, I also have mental health issues, and while contract or part-time work can help, I haven't had any sort of health insurance in a very long time. I am so disgustingly passionate about social issues, animals, and art, and I can't imagine having to do any one thing. Having this Patreon, having your support, would allow me to pursue those huge dreams. At my core, I want to put stuff out in the world that help people feel less alone, that make everyday heroes more visible, and that breaks through some of the communication boundaries that feel so insurmountable.

$0 of $500 per month
If I can earn $500.00 per month, I can keep working at the pace that I'm at now and create 1 illustration on an activist per week, and small chunks for Fish Game! It would be cool to actually have the ability to eat foods that I buy myself!!! <3
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