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Just two midwest, movie majoring kids and two kitty cats talking about true stories and the movies inspired by them. 

The True-Ish Story of Tristan Mayer: I was born and raised in Chicago, and even after my family's flight to the suburbs, I still like to tell people "I'm from Chicago." It makes me sound cooler. Through my life stuck in the land of the bland, I gravitated quickly towards exploring the lives and minds of other people. Books, TV, movies, music. Anything that could transport me and impact me. Remember that kid in your middle school who sat in the back of the class reading Harry Potter? That was probably me. The college hipster overly attached to lyrical low-fi indie bands? Also me. After several narrowly-survived attempts at education, I went away to University (in an even smaller Illinois town even further from Chicago). There, I realized my personal passion for media could be grown into something more. I spent my days - and many nights - studying production, history, theory and just about any course the syllabus could fit the word "media" or "film" into. After graduation, I moved back home and now work as an editor and producer for a media marketing company in Chicago. OK, it's in a suburb. But it still sounds cooler

The true story of Lydia and this Podcast written by Lydia: When Lydia was a wee lass her dad handed her his camcorder and that started her obsession. Not only recording things very poorly and making terrible skits, but Lydia would watch all the behind features of every movie. Obsessing over every detail and feeling overwhelmed about how grand things are in making a movie. Growing up, she would often take trips with her mom hunting ghosts and strange oddities, and watching nightmare fueling true crime episodes like 48 Hours and Dateline. With her obsession of these two subjects she looked at her very good friend and said, "Hey! Let's make a podcast about movies and true stories." and Tristan said, "Hell yas queen." 
She now lives in SOCAL with her beloved S., and two pusstastic cats. In her free time, she is constantly making like Tom Haverford with a new side hustle (and failing) and making random crafts (and failing at that too.) She loves herself a good doughnut and some vodka. Not always together. She also hosts a seperate podcast called "Recovering Christian Kiddos."
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Hoping to make it to $500 to pay for production costs and audio equipment! This includes editing, upgraded micorphone, subscriptions so we can post it everywhere, cover designs, and merch designs! We really appreciate all your help and all you do. Thanks for supporting us <3
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