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InspoNews-CITIZENS WATCH is the next frontier toward creating a bold & new,conservative, American revival.  We are here for one reason- to research for, educate, inform. inspire and activate the American citizen regarding the crucial issues of the day which outcome will determine whether or not we as a people will remain a free and independent sovereign nation under God. 
We have a positive message of restoring our great nation to a bold idea-returning it to it's immutable and superior founding principles and morality. America is an exceptional country that will remain great IF it's people remain good & righteous. America is great because America is good. Our aim is to educate, inspire and inform this generation of "super-patriots" to be ready for the battle that lies ahead in preserving this Republic. 

Like the Black Robe Regiment of the American Revolution, we have zeal for faith, freedom and traditional family values. At Inspirational News, we offer current news events with a unique production flair of faith based newscast, MusicCast, hymns, pictorails, video, quotations etc.- carefully preserving essentially what it means to be an AMERICAN- past, present and future.

So we are truly concerned about the drifting of America from her blest moorings and the safe and tranquil harbor of the US Constitution and our civil liberties. Because following the "old paths" is truly what is good and "progressive" for the American people and we finally have a national leader in Donald Trump who believes in the saying of the ancient prophet Jeremiah - 

"Thus says the Lord, Stand at the crossroads and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and you shall find rest for your souls. But many say, We will not walk there. "
Jeremiah 6:16

Yes, not everyone on the other side of my keypad entries is an advocate of  that. Nor are they a fan of our hard working President or the "Make America Great Again" (MAGA) or "Keep America Great" (KAG) conservative, nationalist agenda. Add to that resistance, there is frankly a lot of artificial restricting of our audience and "shadow banning" going on in social media today. That's why this Patreon site is so important - it's  my "backup" newsy site in the event that a small coterie of elitist cyber censors at Facebook, Google, Youtube, Twitter etc. try to "pull the plug" on conservative journalism and commentary in America based on some unknown criteria of so called "community standards." . 


Just so you know, it's because of this sinister censorship and the blocking of our Adsense advertising revenues that your support is more appreciated than ever. We only ask that if you do decide to partner with us (regardless of the amount) please try and be faithful as we plan our video production & work days around  your generous financial support.

The fact is, true, conservative news is a difficult business to be in these days - conservative news commentary viewership has artificially dropped dramatically the past few months and the AdSense revenue is way down with it. The fact is, we are under attack by Trump hating, globalist- left wing geek squads at Google who are suppressing our views and restricting  the national & worldwide audiences who we use to reach. Left wing "shadow banning" and free speech suppression is pandemic. This is especially true at Google headquarters the past 2 years since Hillary & the Dems lost the election. They are still bitter and angry over that loss. 

As many of you now know, Google has changed its algos to filter out REAL NEWS sites like InspoNews from coming up in searches. As a result, our daily average traffic is down nearly 50% since Google's announcement in November 2016. And YouTube ad income is down a lot too.It's getting tougher in the current environment to operate this network. The left wing globalists never sleep - BUT NEITHER DO WE! 

If you're a subscriber of mine and want to support me in the creation of new & more frequent InspoNews reports & MusicCasts, this is the place where that can be done. And the feedback from the patrons gathered here has been GREAT. It's working. I read comments we discuss, I love feedback, I am figuring this system out as I go, with the help of the people here.
InspoNews CONTACT: 1-407-961-9480

I think subscription sites like Patreon are a new revolution in news-music-release and art patronage. What I’m doing flies in the face of most conventional approaches: I try to release pretty much all of my artistic content for free: the songs and videos live FREE on YouTube, my site, wherever. THAT IS HOW I LIKE IT. Not everybody wants to buy it. That's fine. It's yours, it's everybody's, you can take it, you can share it. By being a Patron together we can change this troubled world and make it a better place – and do this as partners and friends.

I really believe in the future of “WE THE PEOPLE.” I believe in "crowd-power" and what Patreon is doing to help indie conservative voices in the “PEOPLES PRESS” like me. It isn't making world news (yet), because it is what it is: a quiet, underground network of patriots connecting directly with the  MAGA base bypassing the entire commercial PC system and left wing biased, MSM, establishment news media. This is incredible. In these days of globalist message and tyrannical and immoral negativity, Patreon is the bright side of the net for the peoples press: it is how the web can really promote and preserve constitutionalist and Americana voices like myself ...


Together we can make this a better nation and world for our children and their children. (Proverbs 13:22)  So again, if you value what we are doing and would like to give us a little help please consider becoming a monthly donor for 3 dollars or more monthly. We just want to keep doing what we're doing regardless of Google's strategy to smother us. So, if you support me and you've read this far, I am truly grateful. We wouldn't be here without YOU.

We simply love America and desire to promote and preserve her freedom with all the abilities God has given us. We uniquely report the news in word and in song and will do so with the sharp edge of truth always. With your help, you have made our "pen" mightier than the sword. 

Let’s DO THIS FOR AMERICA & our children's children!

Proverbs 13:22
Keep the faith &
never, ever give up!
156 of 500 patrons
Thank you for all your support in helping me to speak truth to the American public in a most urgent season in American history. My goal to have 500 patriotic patrons by election day 2920,
When I reach 500 patrons I will start a weekly, live video show.  I will also start interactive, phone in televised newscast as well.
We need $1,500 to purchase mixer so we can come to you live 7 days a week with more of the news and music content that we know you want to see. We could also do much more videos and production with 2 new computers and software update.
I am motivated with a fiery desire to inform alert, educate and activate patriots everywhere regarding encroaching tyranny of seditious  corrupt elite (we love to expose them) and to promote strong borders, prosperous economy and civil rights and freedom insured to our children forever in America., 

We desire to educate, inform and inspire the American people and we want to help our President implement the MAGA-KAG agenda now!   If you want us to expand and be an integral friend please give us your best today. 

No matter - your comments and even constructive criticism is welcome here and all our broadcasts are free for the public to see. In the end, it doesn't matter who gets the crdit as long as the job gets done.

God bless all of you!

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