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About Insteading

Insteading is a Seattle-based homesteading site offering reliable content about gardening, raising chickens, and living sustainably. Insteading helps people on their journey to live a more positive life—positive for themselves, for their neighbors, and for the world around them.

As the world awakens to the need to transition away from fossil fuels, people are making alternative choices with the clothes they wear, the products they buy, and the transportation choices they make.

At Insteading, we promote choices that are:

  • Meaningful, not disposable
  • Nourishing, not neglectful
  • Sustainable, not harmful
  • Community-driven, not selfish
We give a voice to the people making those choices, and promote the resilient communities and lifestyles that are growing around them.

Why support us?

We pay knowledgeable writers for quality content approach - not just random freelancers:
Here at insteading, it’s our mission to provide our readers with high-quality, informative content about gardening, sustainability, homesteading and everything in between. With all the different topics we cover, it takes a team of dedicated, well-versed in their field writers who like us all, have bills to pay. Your patronage ensures that we can continue to develop regular blog posts, chicken guides, gardening guides, and all the resources that you rely on to be the best homesteader you can be!

Invest in a community approach:
Here at Insteading, it’s our goal to develop a community around the things we care about: sustainability, homesteading, raising chickens, and gardening among other things. We love having a back and forward conversation with our readers, and with your patronage we can grow that.

Aside from helping us maintain our high-quality, informative content brought to you by real-life homesteaders, your contribution as a patron will allow us to work towards developing our forums. It takes a village to raise a garden, or a homestead for that matter, and with your contribution we can grow our community even further!
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