Dennis Martz

is creating science fiction short stories and special videos
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About Dennis Martz

I made this "History of Computers" video a while back and enjoyed every second of putting it together. I'm in the process of making more videos and writing a series of on going science fiction short stories.

I really enjoy doing things like this (and obviously want to get better at doing it) so I could really use your help in the way of a few pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters (and maybe even an occasional dollar every now and then?)

I've got some video's planned I think a lot of people will enjoy -  One of the video's is called "ITE (I Teach Everything) Tech" that is absolutely hilarious!!!

I love the concept of letting people who enjoy your work, help make it where you can you create more! (I know I've bought a lot of computer games, books and other things that if I'd been able to see them BEFORE buying them, I wouldn't have wasted my money!)  Doing things this way makes for a MUCH better product - It's like tipping a waiter or waitress - sometimes I'll give triple what most people give - when I see someone who deserves it!)  

So if you like my work and see some potential, let me know!


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