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About Zeno

Hey there,

I mainly create fingerstyle arrangements of worship songs and hymns. A lot you guys use these for devotionals, quiet times, as study music.

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Monthly. You can cancel anytime.

2. How do I give you a specific amount that's not in the reward tiers?
Just choose a reward tier, then edit the amount in the next page. Say you want to give me $7, you can choose the $1 or $5 tier, then in the next page change it to $7. You'll get the rewards for the tier that you choose.

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If you'd like, suggest a song and it will go to the top of my list. I get a lot of requests to arrange a song. If it's a song that I have no problem with, I'll make an arrangement for it.

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+access to all mp3s of my YouTube videos.

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