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About Intelactica

We are a small group of independent research scientists residing in Princeton, NJ. Our specialty is AI and machine learning.

Some of us are also big fans of SETI (scientific searches for intelligent extraterrestrial life).

About 3 years ago we made a major break through in the realm of extraterrestrial signal interpretation. Using very sophisticated algorithms and powerful computers we were able to translate raw data into, what we believe, a language of the universe - Art

Initially we have decided to keep it under wraps and continue improving the algorithm and experiment with different AI models. The results were simply astonishing. On countless occasions, the members of our group lost track of time from just staring at the beautiful results of the experiment. It was captivating and frightening at the same time. We were very selfish. We wanted to keep it to ourselves and cherish the secret world of alien information highway in private.

Strangely enough, every time we discovered a new way to interact with the data and received even more fascinating results, something unfortunate happened. We managed to proudly endure a few minor natural disasters, but the final blow was unsurvivable. Our lab has burned down. All our equipment was gone. Today, the only remaining thing is one of the versions of the code that we hope to restore to a former glory and revive our research project.

Due to huge financial loses we can no longer fund this research ourselves. A decision has been made to release some of the artwork to the world in hopes to bring external funding to this important project.
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