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About Interlucid

Hi, I'm Brandon.  I make electronic rock music.  I've released two EPs on major platforms and I'm releasing another single before the end of the year.  I've mostly played in Utah Valley and I'm looking to take my music to more places.

If you think that sounds awesome, show your support by becoming a patron!  Patreon helps artists thrive by giving fans an easy way to contribute to their success.  You can become a patron for as little as a dollar per song I release.  That gives you access to private Discord channels where we can hang out and where I will post in progress work.  At any time you can give a little more to unlock more rewards, such as discounts on (or free) merch, monthly video chats with me, free tickets to shows, and possibly other things you suggest.

To learn more about me, listen to music, buy merch, and see show dates check out my website.

If you want to get in contact, join the Discord server or message me on Facebook or Twitter.
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