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Look at us! We have a podcast! This is weird. Oh hey there. It’s us. Jon Fuschi and Travis Windsor-Cummings also known as Blindy and The Beard on the Interrupting Podcast. We met each other through ministry at our church Faith Presbyterian Church in Germantown, TN and have become inseparable dummies. We liked talking and joking with each other so much, we decided we should press record and see what ridiculous nonsense flies from our mouths. It’s usually something about nerd culture, Star Trek, Star Wars, science fiction, movies, our life in the church, etc. We are nerds. And yes, our wives roll their eyes a lot. We would love to hear from our listeners and see where this journey takes us. Please consider supporting us in our efforts to improve ourselves, our podcast, and most importantly our ministry!
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Our first goal! See! We do have expectations! We would love to achieve 50 patrons. We aren’t as big on financial gain. We really want to get our podcast heard. And the first step is growing our community of loyal listeners. Any money we do receive will contribute directly to improving the quality as well as future content and planning. It will also assist us in creating more episodes more often. We are planning some merchandise in the future as well, so keep an eye out for that!
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