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is creating a show about studying video game music.
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About Kenley Kristofferson

Hi there! I'm Kenley and I host Into the Score, a YouTube show about studying video game music!

I'm so glad you're here.  With your help, we can make the show better than ever by upping the quality and adding some exciting extra content. 

Personally, this is a medium that I'm deeply invested in.  From early memories plunking out the Mario theme on our old piano, to ripping Final Fantasy VI MIDI and looking at the scores, to composing music for video games today, this music is really important to me.  If you're here, I'll bet that it's also important to you too.

This medium is a part of our lives.  For some of us, it's part of our musical upbringing; for others, it's what's in our headphones or on our screens as the soundtrack to the stories of our generation.  Learning how this music works and why it speaks to us isn't just important for discovering something about the music, but discovering something about ourselves

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