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About Inventing Things

My ambition is to make a impact on the world one day, and through my hard work and your contribution to this channel, You, personally will be helping me make that dream come true.
Sense I was a child I have loved engineering and have taught myself all I know about engineering and technology up to this day, and through my videos I want to show the next generation that you can achieve wonders with the drive to do so. I have grand dreams for this channel and with your support it will grow and reach further reaches of the internet and world. 
This is the first step to make some of those dreams a reality.

[About the Creator]- Jack of all trades, I (Devon) am the inventor, planner, cameraman and editor of this channel. I'm a pre - collage student with not much of a social life but a grand ambition to build things. Mechanical Engineering is my strong suit. All other fields are known, and learning curves.
I have self taught experience in CNC plasma cutting and 3D printing as well as using different CAD programs.
 The name {Inventing Things} is the ambition of this channel, to Invent and manufacture scientific innovations while creating original enjoyable YouTube content along the way. 

Thank you for your support-
  - Devon of Inventing Things 

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