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Investigative Economics is a new independent, non-partisan journalism outlet using open source research and data analysis to find the arcane stories that aren't being told.

Over twenty original stories have already been published on drug prices, beef imports, the Amazon HQ2 deal, and steel trade among others, and the hope is to publish many more like this. 

But there are many stories that are unattainable without either larger time commitments or more expensive research tools. The site is currently run on a non-existent budget, so it lacks many of the formalities of a proper non-profit journalism venture: a proper website, story promotion, mission statements, etc.

While the story subjects may be obscure, I believe their relevance should not be. These are stories that more people should know about but don't. 

In an ideal world, I'd like to expand the site to do much more (podcasts, print editions, what have you), but simply publishing new, groundbreaking stories is the foremost goal.



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