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The Investigative Journal Radio Show uncovers the little known Vatican/Jesuit led New World Order (NWO). Greg Anthony combines solid research with firsthand experience about the real controllers of the NWO, having worked in the Rome, the belly of the beast, for six years as a print and radio journalist. 
"If everyone would tale the time to understand the Vatican/Jesuit role in world, we wouldn't be bordering on a globalist takeover of all our freedoms," says Greg. 
The Investigative Journal has been broadcasting since 2004 on various radio stations and continues still today. 
However, Greg is first and foremost a satirist, a writer and a reporter. Greg worked as a print newspaper reporter in the mainstream media, as well as spending six years in Rome, Italy, seeing the evil intrigue of the Vatican firsthand.He is also reviving his stand-up comedy show. A SAG actor as well, Greg, in years gone by, appeared in bit parts in several sitcoms and less than successful movies.
“My stage name is Greg Anthony and they think I’m Italian. Why? I want to be fair with other comics. I just don’t want to get too many laughs just because I am Polish.!”
He’s been at it a long time, since the early 80’s, with little worldly success. A long the way he went to law school for what he terms “the fun of learning more nonsense in a world filled with a lot more.”
He puts the JD behind his name but has recently added JA, standing for Jack Ass, in recognition of all the lies he has unknowingly written about and believed in his life.
Undaunted, he vows to continue observing even more and bigger lies since deciding to tackle the religious world.
“I am sure the Vatican will glorify me with Sainthood for all the research I’ve done on their behalf.”
The Investigative Journal Radio Show is produced by Greg and is broadcast on First Amendment Radio as well as on YOU TUBE. The show previously ran for 11 years on other stations.
During Greg’s tenure as a real live journalist working for the lying mainstream media, he worked in Rome for 6 years, experiencing Vatican intrigue first hand. He was nearly killed in a terrorist attack, see link.
“It was a close call,” said Greg, looking back on the incident. “I was in the hallway just seconds before the explosion which ripped the hallway to pieces. Luckily, I was going down the stairs to the news room when it went off.”
Greg said this near death experience changed his life, leading him on a quest to find out the evil roots of terrorism as well as CIA and Vatican/Jesuit involvement.
“That explosion, one of many during those years in Rome, had to  be an inside job," said Greg.
Join Greg at 6pm Monday through Friday at or get all the archive shows here or look him up on YOU TUBE or here on Patreon.

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