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About Investor's Political Compass

It's amazing: politicians and connected leaders are better investors than most professional investment managers.

Just look at the rags-to-riches stories for so many politicians, you'll see how their special access to our government gives them valuable information that can be used in investment strategy.

Some of this information is non-public (raising ethical concerns), but most investment grade information is public - just hidden in the bureaucratic news flow and mud fight presented in popular media.

Investor's Political Compass started because we believe policial action creates valuable information for investors. It's not right that only a select few have access to political intelligence.  
We believe people need an efficient way to find to know what's really happening in politics, and some help learning how to use it in investment markets. 

Economics and business are often a root source of political action. In 2018, Washington D.C. has over 14,000 registered lobbyists each trying to grow their small slice of the economy with political influence. This results in policy, regulations, spending bills, appropriations - the list goes on. Our government is the largest economic force in the world. If politic begins with the economy, it'll end with the economy. It's important that investors understand and follow this process. 

We believe it's actually a lot of fun to know what's truly happening inside D.C.  It makes us better voters, investors, and citizens. 

We are writers, authors, economists, investors (even a hedge fund manager) who spend their time researching the guts of political action from the perspective of economics. We're a-political and don't care about parties - all that left and right banter are really less interesting than following the money!  

We share our research and analysis through a series of forwarding calendars, memos, analysis pieces, and occasionally share action ideas when we think political action (legislation, executive orders, or policy changes) will have a direct effect on the market. We are a very unique research resource for investors and hope you enjoy our work.

All IPC's work is for educational purposes only, we are not financial advisors, and so nothing we write should be construed as financial advice.  Please consult your financial advisors before making any investments, you are responsible for your own investment decisions.