(ion)Tom Riecken

is creating an Asteroid Mining 4x Stategy Game
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We will name an asteroid after you, which can procedurally populate into our game.
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We will name 5 asteroids after you, which can procedurally populate into our game.

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About (ion)Tom Riecken

I am building a 4x strategy game based on hard science and mankind's near future colonizing the solar system

Having worked challenging underpaid contract roles in the Seattle tech scene for the past 5 years, I grew tired of taking part of the petty disputes over fleetingly small chunks of power. I wanted to do something BIG, something meaningful, something that creates a stronger future for our entire species!

Starting with the 2014 NASA Space Apps Challenge Hack-a-thon, I started a team to work on Asteroid Ventures. I became involved with my local maker community, encouraged friends to try new projects. Our game has benefited from that outreach, of helping each other and reaching for the stars.

Now, having sunk a year into the development of this title, my personal budget is at an all-time low. While working on a game to encourage a generation of Asteroid Mining Trillionaires, I myself have struggled to make ends meet.

Our future lies in pursuing the eternal frontier. From the perspective of "Utility," turning humanity into a space-fairing species will result in the creation of Trillions of new happy lives. If we stay on Earth, we risk extinction and decay. The world needs to understand this!

Support me in being an evangelist for Space Exploration, for Gamified-STEM Learning, for Simulation as a Service! The Future doesn't just happen, it needs to be BUILT!

Please help me build it! Contribute here and reach me at [email protected]
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Help me reach $400 / month so that this game can get built! I do need  more to get by, but this will help me afford my food costs without a problem. I'm working 10 hour weeks part-time, and spending 40+ on this game. Help me hit $400 so that I can keep building your space-empire game for you!
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