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First of all, thanks for considering helping out the iOS Support Matrix. For almost 5 years I've loving maintained the matrix. As you are probably aware, there have, on occasions, been multiple month delays in updates. For this I am truly sorry, I use the matrix almost every week and rest assured it irks me just as much as you.

I don't want the matrix to disappear and judging by the emails and Twitter feedback, neither do you.

But hosting is not free and this is the first expense I like help covering. I use Square Space and the cost is $18 USD per month.

Secondly, I love to have time to finish and release the iPad app I've been working on. It will help me create updates quicker as well as offer simple ways of filtering the array so everyone can customise it (another oft requested feature). $500 USD a month would guarantee a couple of days of my time (as well as nights, weekends and early mornings).

Thirdly, I'd love to update the site design. Previously the amazing Icon Factory were commissioned (out of my own pocket) to help with design. I'd love them to help out again.
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Simple but important, cover the Square Space bill every month. No more downtime! 
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