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Just as important as lessons are just plain, but not so ordinary tips, for better images.  So for those of you who thrive on getting a continuous wealth of information gems, this is for you and I welcome your valuable contribution.  Tips both technical and artistic will be coming your way monthly.
Instructional Videos
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Each video will show how to use one of the many cell phone camera features. More than just reading about how to use the camera, videos show you what to do and the correct order to do them.  Everything from set up, to execution and post editing in plain language for you.  I don't believe in a lot of gab, short and sweet and get the point across!
Shooting the Works
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So, why not get the whole enchilada?  Get, tips, get the videos and get to chat with me and get some questions answered that may have been bugging you.  I will critique 2 images for you every month and personally help you get better images that you can be proud of.  I will recommend apps that will help in editing your images and taking them to a step beyond.  




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About Jorj Takacs

Welcome to my page on Patreon where, through your generosity, I will be bringing you valuable tips and tricks in photography. But, more specifically, iPhone photography. Even if you have a different mobile phone almost everything will apply to you too.Your patronage here allows me to take the time to create tutorials, videos and chats that will bring you a wealth of knowledge to improve your photography skills.

With over 30 years of professional photography and teaching experience I invite you to help me bring all that experience to you so you can take fantastic, compelling and evocative images with your cell phone.  Yes, your cell phone.  By supporting me through Patreon I can create lessons and videos that will show you how to unlock the secrets of your iPhone camera and related editing apps.

Locally I hold many workshops but I want to bring these workshops to you, no matter where you are and Patreon is the best way for me to do that.  So, should you subscribe, let me thank you for your support.

The best camera is the one you have in hand and that's usually your cell phone! Why not learn how to use it to it's fullest capability.
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Upon hitting my goal of $2,000 per month I will be posting a video interview of one patron each month showcasing 1 image from that person.
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