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is creating 3D Animation Videos&Film
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About Irfan Parasayan

Hi Everybody!

Greetings to everyone from Istanbul. My name is Irfan Parasayan.I started doing videos on YouTube since summer 2017. It kind of just happened.I am still studying degree in Maths and just wanted to do some awesome stuff. I am preparing those videos alone. YouTube cannot sustain me,i am alone but i invest too much time into the individual videos. So i am studying Maths to finish my college while doing as much youtube on the side as possible. My dream would be to do content creation for you guys full time. That is what this patreon is for. By supporting me here you are not only making my lives way less stressful but you actually help me produce more content for YouTube.

If you like what i am doing and consider buying some strangers over the internet the equivalent of a coffee, i would very much appreciate it.Even 1% of my subscribers would do this, i could do YouTube full time.Regardless of my financial situation i will continue doing this whatever happens and my videos will always be free!

Patreon is about frequency and quality. The more you support me the more i am able to do.

All i can promise you is that i do the best i can and invest as much time and love into youtube as possible without being irresponsible.Thank you for your ongoing support, it really is a huge deal for me and i very much appreciate it.

Irfan Parasayan

What i will do with your money:

-By supporting me on Patreon you give me the opportunity to focus more on youtube.Although youtube pays a little, it is not even close to sustaining myself. So put simply, you make my lives much easier and take stress away so i can do better and more work, for free, for you.

-I can invest more time in the videos: Youtube doesn’t like long videos. But i do – and most of you do too.

-I can buy some new stuff to improve my PC.For example, i can raise my RAM,CPU,GPU.Thus , render process would be less than we expected.Even i can buy some books to improve my animating,modeling skills to make better videos&film.

- I can take some time off to work on other educational projects. For example, i am saving money to go to learn about 3d modeling and animation to be professional.

- It also will make all the bad feelings you got for using adblock on my stuff, go away. Add block absolution.

Thank you so much for all your support! I appreciate it more than you can imagine and it really helps me out!
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This will enable me to buy some new equipment and invest more time in my YouTube channel. (also, more coffee)
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