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Welcome, Traveller
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Do not journey alone. Safety in numbers, wayfarer, and a stout stick.

This little piece of kindness buys me a cup of tea while I work, and it is precious. Thank you. Your support means a lot <3

* You gain the Glow of Solidarity. You look beautiful.

The Wyrd Light Reveals All
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Do not stray from the paths! In the forest depths only the Wyrd Light shines true. Even young maidens can turn out to be boggarts!

* Take a shard of Wyrd Stone, friend, and guard it close. Its light will guide you when other magicks fail.

* When I publicly release only a snippet of a larger piece, you get the whole thing. 

We're All Friends Here
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The Briarhame's hearth light is a welcome sight. Come in and rest for a time, you are safe here, so long as you remember your manners. The Howling cannot cross the threshold.

* When there are any recordings that don't make the final cut, you get to hear them anyway. Especially the embarrassing ones with the silly voices.

* plus The Wyrd Light Reveals All tier



About IrishGirlReads

I love old poetry, and atmospheric snippets of stories. Odd tales of long-forgotten myth or memory, which come floating past in the strange twilight between sleep and wakefulness, so you can never quite catch them, only follow into nostalgic dreams.
Life is stressful, and the older I get the more I hanker after a gentle divorce from the hard reality of the day. Armed with my trusty mic, my little, falling-apart 'Poems Old and New', and the occasional companionship of my muse, I aim to follow that winding, lullaby path and see where it leads.

I read classic poems, my own poems, old folklore, other people's stories* - anything which might ease the mind into fantasyland. Most readings are short; we don't want to stay awake too long, do we?

I hope you enjoy what you do hear. I have been looking at #folkloreThursday on Twitter for some interesting inspiration of late, and there are some beautiful books, but I am finding longform makes me a bit hoarse. That might improve over time, though. Is there something you'd like me to read? Do let me know.


* I care about copyright. I will not be using anyone's in-copyright work without permission.

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