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Dr. Robyn is a queer activist, Transqueer Latinx Scholar, and public theologian.

The work is shifting.  I have written the Activist Theology book and am turning my attention to a  book on the body and becoming embodied. This work is the kind of work I want to be doing, along with rethinking the ways theory can turn into story for our current activist work.  I'm also creating digital content with Adelicia Company and a podcast with my comrade, Pam Rocker.  

I am returning to story and the ways that story can help not only address our pressing social concerns but the ways story will help shift our theologies and social practices.  The first set of stories are contained in the fortress book, Activist Theology, and the second set of stories will be in the becoming embodied book.  

I continue to be engaged with the work at the intersections of race, power, and religion. And, in a time when economic devastation is threatening us all, I am engaged in visionary work that might help contribute to shifting the ways that capitalism dictates our entire life.
I see this work around race and power as part of the work in bridging with radical difference.  We will not achieve collective liberation without bridging with one another in light of our deepest differences.  I think the stories of the center of our own difference helps animate bridge building and is the process through which our differences are illustrated.

I would like to do that work with you and develop a deep partnership in this work.  I want to think with you and strategize with you on how to faithfully dismantle the logics of dominance and the logic of white supremacy that has framed our entire ethos.  Will you join this work?

I'm the Founder of The Activist Theology Project.  We are building communities of radical difference on a global scale that are committed to the radical act of justice-making practices, and we are doing that one story at a time.

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I am spending the rest of the 2019 year working on launching my upcoming book with Fortress Press, and working with the amazing Pam Rocker to create a podcast around story, theology, and comedy.  I have also launched Activist Theology into the world!  Will you join me?
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