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The year is 2LX9 and the most gnarley capitals in the planet have now arranged a high-speed racing event so this year is the commencement of the very first "Grand Prix of the Heavens".

Mechanical air-borne vessels harbor pilots with dreamzz of dashing through super energy bombs and probably some wacky particle stuff too. Though their lives are burdened with the humble aspirations any old schmuck may posess, nothing for them is quite like dashing through the ocean of things and lights and sounds whizzing around and buzzing at the bottom of their brainzz.

Hi potential supporters ! This is Ishmsoft here, and this is earth-5. To anyone that is considering supporting and if it is worth it you should be reassured to know that a solid 5 years of multimedia software foundation (graphics, audio, data structures, math, basic geometry etc) has been established  before the project even began. This project specifically began no longer than a year ago (sometime in late 2017).

There has been alot to get done in the first year, and most of the time has been spent on building and polishing the game engine itself. Only a minimal amount of content was made ready for the August 2018 EVO exhibit, And please take good notice that going forward it should be more likely that content will get finished at a faster rate since the initial game engine foundation is what took most of the time this past year (building the finite state machine and what-not).

Financial support will help a tremendous amount. samples of the progress will be uploaded month to month, already now included are several clips and photos you can view to get a better idea.

On the side you will see additional incentives and perks to pledge, as a base incentive anyone who gives at least $2 in total will have their names or some moniker included in the final credits sequence somehow (with a fair distinction between levels of support).
The rewards are based on sum contribution tallied at the end of project completion, ignore the "per month" part. Whoever makes it to each tier's value first gets dibs on the reward. For example the highest tier is limited to 60 patrons. You could pay it off all at once or in 10 months or 2 months or whatever, but the longer it takes to pay off the higher chance it will be intercepted.
$10 of $2,500 per month
< neato 1-min thank you video (probably some static image with cool audio) >
1/2 the earnings of basic software engineering. Help get this project off its feet. Watch the progress transform from snail phase to cheetah phase !
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