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Assalamualikum . . 
ISMAILPRODUCTION was launched in 2017 dedicated to creating high quality educational content about Islam, since it was launched we have created over 300 high quality videos and reached over 1 million viewers and gained the support of over 22,000 Subscribers on YouTube.

Our goal is to inspire muslims to learn and love their religion and to educate those who do not know about Islam, we have many non-muslim viewers who are keen to learn more about Islam before taking the steps to embracing the religion In sha Allah.
Unfortunately we live in a time where the media has a grip on the minds of the masses and the mass-media paints a very negative picture of Islam, we hope to counter the negativity by spreading the true and pure message of Islam with powerful content
But why do we need your support and donations to do this?
creating professional video and media is very expensive and time consuming, a lot of work goes into each and every one of our productions, below are just some of our general monthly costs;
- Full-time video editor
- Royalty Free Images
- Internet Costs
Our time spent working on ideas, editing, designing and rendering the videos is NOT paid for by any donations, all donations will ONLY be used to cover the costs of equipment and content for the channel.
Your support will allow us to continue to produce the highest quality content possible which reaches over 20 thousand viewers every day (the reward for your support is priceless) this is one of the greatest forms of Sadaqah Jariya (which will continue to benefit you and others even after you leave this world)

By donating as little as $1 you will be contributing towards a positive change in this world through Islamic media which is most definitely lacking in the world today.

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