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Your name handwritten on our "Wall of Fame" in the I Speak Machine studio! 

•Access to Patreon-only feed and posts, including the latest news, "Lens" feed, the occasional free music download, and lots of other geeky things only available here.

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•All of Digital Dog 

•Monthly digital download of one cover song.

•Studio video diary/ song commentary! I create a track-by-track song commentary of the monthly cover, as well as clips that I have filmed of my creative process. 

•Access to live in-studio and “living room” performances & the occasional live studio feed!

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•Stems of monthly covers.

•Access to never-before heard demos (new & old), & alternate versions of songs.

•Access to live in-studio and “living room” performances & the occasional live studio feed.

•Monthly sample pack of analog synths, weird little noises and vocal sounds. 



About I Speak Machine

Greetings everyone and welcome to the I Speak Machine Patreon universe! We’ve been stewing over this for a while now, and felt it was finally time to nudge the hatchling out of the nest.
Whether it's 5 people or 5000, Patreon provides us with an incentive to consistently create new music and film, and engage with you regularly about all things ISM.

If you're new here, and haven't seen or heard of us, welcome! Here's some sights & sounds:

We know from past releases that you love your vinyl and tangible, bespoke limited edition goodies. That was at the top of our list - something super special just for our patrons! We also wanted to be sure that we offered a wide (but hopefully not overwhelming) range of tiers to choose from. You can switch tiers at any time, such as taking up the Unicorn tier as a one off and then switching to a lower one (cheeky but thought I'd mention! :) .

The music will include a monthly cover (digital & vinyl) plus the occasional demos, new releases and alternate versions of songs. In addition, I will also make sample packs of some beautiful vintage gear from my studio, vocal samples and other weirdo sounds for you to play with! We work with a label (Lex Records) so we're figuring out how to move in tandem with that and Patreon as well in regards to new releases with them.

Also on the horizon, are lots of lovely ideas for new tiers and more rewards for existing tiers. This may include exclusive short films, guest list spots, meet & greets, merch, personalized ringtones and voicemail messages, handwritten patch books and lyric sheets, and a new podcast about creating with some of our favorite musicians, film makers and artists. We have lots of ideas to develop and your input will always be welcome and cherished. We have a few juicy goals we're reaching for as well, have a peek - please feel free to chime in there too.

That’s all I have to say for now....and once again, welcome and many, many eternal thanks!
Tara, Maf & Strelka
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At 200 patrons, I will live stream a 30 minute living room set from ISM HQ in Los Angeles. It will consist of covers & originals, with a few trippy sonic interludes in between! Something a little like this. Available to all tiers.
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