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Tier 1 - Full Resolution JPEGs

This pledge amount is a window for those who wish to support this community but haven't much to give--you can still help and it is in no way a small amount and the thanks my students and I will give will be no less in love and gratitude.  

 In this tier I give out full resolution .jpegs of my sketches and studies month-by-month for your viewing pleasure! 

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Tier 2 - JPEGs, PSDs

Not only do you get my gratitude and my full resolution paintings, but your support as a Silver Patron means you get the PSD files behind those Paintings too!

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Tier 4- JPEGs, PSDs, Video-Lesson

This pledge also promises exclusive tutorials on my painting process specifically. I will be recording and uploading video screen-capture footage of my process. The videos come with an added voice-over commentary explaining thoroughly my choices in color, form, brush-work and composition and more. This also includes the full resolution sketches described above!




There are lots of rewards for your patronage! Full resolution .jpegs, .psds, tutorial videos and .abr Photoshop brushes.  The highest tier gives you access into my private Patron-only discord server, within which I provide written critiques for my Patrons as well as private links to G+ hangouts for sketch-hour, announcing and grading community challenge assignments privately on the Patreon Discord and a lot more extra bonus content! 

I have been running this online art community for years now. Every Tuesday and Thursday I host a free critique hour stream on YouTube for growing artists, and all students are welcome! There is no limited guest-list, and anyone from any place in the world can tune-in. The lessons are diverse and there is always something to learn, for me and for the guests. Becoming a patron will also help support this growing community and keep it running strong!

Here are some links so you can follow me!

Class/Portfolio Website:

Reddit Community:

Facebook Page:




Thank you for your time. <3

Apprentice reviews!

"After handing in my corrections I think I'm ready to give you my feedback on the patreon. I joined the patreon wanting to get better at drawing but I never thought I would improve this much. You give such great guidance but don't hold our hands and you foster an environment where we can all give each other honest advice that actually helps. Your challenges have pushed me every time. I've come into some assignments thinking "how can I possibly do that" and come out of them with skills I never thought I would have. I only joined in July and I feel like this has changed my life...It's really hard to put into words how much I appreciate what you've done for me. I've had to overcome many obstacles in my life this year including back pain but you've always helped inspire me to to sit up and paint even when I didn't want feel like it. Thank you for this Patreon and experience! It's been amazing!" -Cardboardbox

"I joined the discord in June 18 with high hopes for my potential improvement, and I am sure satisfy. I learned a lot, especially about things I will not do otherwise for the homework. But with the time passing by, I dropped the ball. And one thing made me come back and wanted to grow more, it’s the people on the discord and see the grow of apprentices from past homework that I missed. You managed to get some nice, kind people on this server, and we are blessed that there is not some troll or anything. The feedback from our critique hour and my peers made me open my eyes on some big holes in my fundamentals, and now I try to stay accountable." -Madaoway

"I've been an apprentice for 9 months and I'm really happy. Before this I was a member of an art website that was also $20 / month, and I've made way better progress here than I did there. Tbh I mostly think that the best knowledge is in the public critique hour, and I think a portion of my $20 / month is just supporting that. I do like the way the apprentice thing give us a bit of accountability though, and is forcing us to do stuff that we wouldn't usually do. Plus it's cool to have a small community here. I think it'd be quite cool to see the apprentice stuff tied in more with the main community a bit more, maybe doing the same challenges (sounds like that might happen next month) because it can feel a bit like this community is totally separate. Basically keep up the good work." - Jonathan Hobson

"I've been an apprentice since May 2018, 3 months after I started on my art path , 3 months after I discovered Istebrak and her community. I mention this because it was pivotal for me. My 14 day challenge was what really showed me the power of Istebrak's teachings. I had only picked up a pencil once in a blue moon before, to doodle mostly. I knew art was something I really appreciated and wanted to be able to wield at some point but I never thought it could ever be a calling. Istebrak changed that. I am fully dedicated to becoming the best artist I can be. Ok so that was for context. I approached the apprenticeship cautiously. I knew with that many students, it'd be hard to get more personal feedback, which I craved as a complete beginner. I did learn a lot though, through the Patreon streams and the community. I owe you my very first character concept who has now become one of the protagonists for the story my friend and I are working on and my latest "masterpiece" would not have been possible without the apprenticeship. Although I do have to dial my Patreon back down for a little while, I never fail to spread the word about Istebrak and her amazing teachings. Thank you for imparting your knowledge with us, I hope you have a healthy and inspired 2019!" -Tia

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This goal of 1000 Patrons is a long shot! Even if you're joining as a Watcher, your helping us reach this goal! Thank you to everyone has joined and supported, lets try to hit this number and keep this community running!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 57 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 57 exclusive posts

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