I Survived the Kali Yuga

is creating comic strips, sketches, and art pieces.

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I Survived the Kali Yuga is a web comic strip that primarily focuses on Edward Black, a private detective in his early 30s whose daily adventures range from mundane trips to the store to battling cosmic entities from beyond our stars. The comic blends several genres together, including slice of life comedy, neo-noir crime thriller, cosmic horror tale, and a mystery serial that stretches over several eras.

Other characters make appearances as well, including the protagonist's wife, his hardboiled detective father, his wolfcult biker best friend, a tacticool operator, and many other guest stars. The titular first book of the series is a loosely connected series of vignettes and standalone strips in the spirit of old Sunday paper comics, but the story becomes more serialized with a darker tone in book two: A Walk in the Shadows.

A prequel spinoff of the series called The King in Black is in development. This series takes place in the 6th century and chronicles the adventures of the Saxon, a nameless warlord who would one day become king by his own hand. Along with his motley crew, he sails the Seven Seas, taking on quests that suit him in his pursuit of power and glory.

Strips update daily, sometimes several times daily, as free time allows.
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