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About I Teach Her She Wins

I Teach Her She Wins (https://www.facebook.com/iteachhershewins/) is our funny international web-series (between Italy and the US; all the episodes are in English, with a little accent ;) ) about the best card and board games..reviews, rules, interesting facts and lots of laughs

Always featuring a little comedy sketch (with actors from both countries) and plenty of bloopers, each episode has one goal only..making you laugh, or at least smile, while talking about our Passion..card and board games...this page is to have you help us keep doing what we love while increasing the quality of our videos..thank you for your time!!!

Each episode contains:
1) a unique funny intro, a story trying to get you into the mood while (we hope) smiling a little...
2) a review of the game, its mechanics and rules
3) an objective description of potential pros and cons of the game
4) our special guest's motivated opinion on the game
5) suggestions for similar games in case you liked the game we have reviewed
6) plenty of bloopers (yep, actors make many mistakes ;) )

The gaming series stars Alberto Resti, our funny Italian actor from Florence (http://albertoresti.com/), Mollie Pritchett, our amazing photographer and designer (http://molliepritchett.com/), Karl Schmidt, our incredible game expert (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1598271807066530/), the undefeated game champions Nate "The Draigon" Bradley, Millennium & Evil Beard, Bebo The actor, Baka The Painter, The Notorious Massimo Baraldo Baraldi and several other special guests...
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With a $ 250 a month we'll be able to create one quality video-review, with its goofy intro ;), every month. The money will go to cover actual costs for shooting equipment, actors and video-editing.
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