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is creating Illustrations, Drawings, and Portraits.
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Surprise Temporary Tattoo Collection!
per month
Each month, you'll get a delightful set of 5 temporary animal tattoos! The tattoos are about one-two inches wide and one-two inches tall. 

To apply the tattoos, peel off the clear  plastic piece, the put the sticky side of the tattoo on your skin. Place  a wet washcloth over the tattoo on your skin for about 15 seconds. Pull off the piece of paper, and your tattoo should be ready to roll! They  usually last about a day or two, and will come off with a washcloth.

New Greeting Card Design With Hello
per month
Each month, you'll get a fantastic new mail-able greeting card design I've drawn, with a little hello note about the inspiration for the design. 

The greeting card will have a lovely illustration, be blank on the inside, come with a colorful envelope, and be wrapped in cello-plastic for protection from the elements!

Small Original Animal Sketch
per month
Each month, you'll get a wonderful animal drawing from me! It's a black and white 4x6 illustration that comes wrapped in cello-plastic for protection from the elements! The animal will change each month!




per month

About Carolyn Kassnoff

I love drawing, and I love sharing drawings with friends.

I've been drawing since before I can remember. I like creating things that make people happy. I studied portrait and figure drawing, but my favorite thing to make is anything that makes someone laugh and smile. I work in a dog daycare, and find inspiration in all the cheerful pups and playful dogs. I love to use puns in my illustrations as well, and like to draw to cheer people up.

You can see my art in a few places!
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Here I'll be making new illustrations and sending some to you! Please see the tiers for more information.

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