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About Garrett and Kyle

Hello Heroes, and welcome to the Into the Nexus Patreon page!

With the launch of our Patreon page, we will start doing an aftershow game of Heroes once a month (or every week if we meet our goal) and fill out our team with ITN Patrons. Patrons will also get the VOD of the game first right on this page.

Our podcasts will always be free. This Patreon is just an opt-in way to support Garrett and Kyle in creating content. Since we are now doing a per-episode Patreon, only the main Thursday "ITN Prime" episodes are what we will be charging for. Any additional content unlocked through milestones will be free.
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The Weeksauce podcast will return once a month. We will get together and talk about the biggest nerdy stories and dive deep into our side hobbies.
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