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About Dan Bull

*note* - I'll be trying to publish one new music video per week. You can set a monthly maximum to how much you want to pay. Only want to pay $1 per month? That's cool :)


Patreon allows you to tip me a bit of money each time I make a video. In return, you'll get an exclusive reward depending on the amount you pledge. Not only will you get the reward from your level, but you'll get everything from the lower ones too. See the full list of rewards at the bottom of this page, and make your choice...

Hello, I'm Dan and I'm a UK geek rapper. I make songs about the internet, computer games, and other issues that Justin Bieber tends to avoid. I try to publish a new video each week on my channel.

I'm a proudly independent and unsigned artist. As a result, I've had innovate to earn a living from my hobby. I've auctioned custom songs on eBay, entered competitions, and become a YouTube partner. But thanks to YouTube's recent Content ID changes, YouTube is no longer a reliable source of income. I want to see what Patreon can do to help me connect with fans and cut out the industry middle man.

I've always been a DIY creator, handling everything from the writing, recording, filming by myself or with my awesome friends. Now it's time for me to take it to the next step. I want to make the best stuff I possibly can, and one day produce a feature film. Eventually, I hope to set up a creative space for digital creators to hang out, collaborate, and pool their skills.

People keep asking why I don't do a Kickstarter, and I tell them I don't need to kickstart anything. All I need is to keep busy, building on my previous work, and trying to do something a little more exciting each time. By patronising my work, you can be part of that adventure.

Right now, my music videos are made in a small room with the minimum of gear. I have a microphone and mixer plugged into my PC, and a green screen cloth hanging on the wall. You'll recognise the place from my vlog videos. I'd love to be able to invest in setting up a proper studio with soundproofing, instrument racks, space to move around when I'm filming, and somewhere to store my Hob Nobs without crumbs getting everywhere. I also want to hire professionals to help me make videos of a much higher quality than my current work. I have so many serious and silly ideas and I want to make them all a reality :)

When you pledge to patronise my work, you'll only be giving money when I make a properly produced piece such as a music video or short film. Vlogs won't be included. I want you to feel like you're getting real value from your investment in my work.
Each reward is a one-off unless the description states otherwise.
Let's go.

Love from Daniel

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