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About itsMontea

  • Name: Mars
  • Age: Old Enough :P
  • Location: Amsterdam - Netherlands
But yeah a little bit about myself...

As you can notice i'm a fan of Monty Python. Thanks for visiting my channel i'm new as in new to everything. I'm still trying to figure everything out. I am testing out IRL Live Streaming currently with different setups for it because i want to take you guys through my country and Europe.

I also create Gaming Video Content which is on Xbox One Console & PC. For the Xbox i only have the free games and such, i actually have 2 accounts for it (so don't be surprised when you see a different gamertag). When i play on PC as well it's a variety of stuff in the future i want to play VR as well.

You mostly may find me be playing Indie Games i'm a sucker for Indie games. I love weird games i love trashy games. I can't stand Horror games but at the same time i really want to play them.

As for me i'm a shy and timid little person from Europe that likes to play video games. PS sorry for my THICK accent my English is kinda terrible but thank you for your patience.
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