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is creating occult styled leather goods
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About Eugene Wren

Original leather stuff enchanted with The Chaos Magick.

One day I decided to devote my free time to creating unique wallets made of genuine leather. Before start I was thinking how to make my products different from the millions of similar wallets and cardholders. In the end, I decided that combining natural leather, rough occult aesthetics and energetic and practical thought forms, encrypted in sigils, would turn out very useful and original pieces.

Combining sigils and wallets of a simple convenient form, I create original and useful products, charged with chaos magic. I intend to distribute these magical artifacts among those who love simple functional things and believe in miracles. So welcome.
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When I can get $ 500 a month, I can get rid of the little things that distract me from the main task - creating unique magic artifacts. Well, when it does, we will celebrate it together.
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