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I began writing a blog in 2012 to document certain things I didn't realize as being quite as important at the time, until putting certain information in perspective. I am re-reading my blog to help others as well as myself gain a clearer conception of the far reaching and convergent materials which originally acted as a highly impactful and transformative series of workings, at times with the efforts of many others - living and not. There is still much work to be done, and having originally started out as a side-interest/hobby, my passion for not only collecting and reading books - but finding there deeper applications and potential multi- or cross-functionality. Being a polymath constantly on the hunt, it helps very much to have the support I've had - and I try to give back in the form of videos and/or research and development as much as I can. The past few months of support have helped tremendously, and I have much planned still forthcoming that I think may help further heighten interest in the Esoteric revival, as again - this is not just about me or what I can do alone, it's a concerted effort to revive, recover and discover. I do this not only for my own growth, but because I feel there could be more analysis, revision and strengthen our wisdom rather than wait or rely on an authorized official to mandate or market it. I don't want to profit off this work, but it can be costly to continue research and work while also maintaining a job, responsibilities, family life, etc. so again - Thank You.
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We need to get a large enough website with enough space and bandwidth to hold a large quantity of data.
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