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About It's Gonna Be Fun

I have a difficult road ahead.  I have only one product to start with for income.  It's an affiliation setup, so I'm making a small percentage.  Despite my absolute love for this product and my volunteer work at my local elementary school, I'm not gonna get where I need to go from here.  I am demonstrating "littleBits".  They are an educational aid designed for kids as young as 8.  I am still getting a kick out of them at nearly 50.  They are revolutionary in my eyes.  Other products are similar but NOT the same.  If you have a young child interested in the STEAM programs available in many school districts, these will aid their education in every category of this teaching program. 
I am approaching STEAM/STEM coordinators and educators to get them interested, but there is more that can be done.  I have made presentations in class as part of the curriculum and, recently, attended the Fall River Elementary Family STEM night where the parents and kids got to see some innovative ideas and products.  But, I don't get paid for doing it.  A small monthly donation to through Patreon can help greatly. That's where your generous help can really make this idea work.
Electronic teaching toys, many favorite building block sets and kits, telescopes, drones and many other products and compnaies are on the list of things wants to pursue.  Please help me continue with my dream so that one day this idea can become a corner store.  I'll demonstrate any of the toys for you. YOU can drive the model trains!  There will be rooms available for social gaming and music practice. Maybe even recording studio possibilities. Let's make this happen! 
I have been dreaming about this for years.  Support me now, so that I can support you later.  Thank you for your donation to my dream.
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