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Who's got the hot hand?!

You do! You just bought me a beer! Yep, here in Slovakia $1 buys a beer. I don't drink coffee, 'cause it tastes like boiled dirt.

That's not all - you get the access to the Patreon - only feed where I share mini guides, memes, observations on society and algae + polls where YOU decide, what I'll do a guide next on.

Oh I almost forgot - you get notified 1 day earlier about new guides on the website than anybody else.
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Do I think? Does a submarine swim?


If you are in this reward tier, I'll also be answering 1 simple question about Overwatch, life, marketing and business with simple and actionable answers here on Patreon each month.
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Overconfidence is a flimsy shield.


You get all the previous rewards, but now you're able to send me an email with your Overbuff stats or your life situation and I'll tell you what to focus on.




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Hey it's me, Pepso.

I make Overwatch guides like this one:  How to Win Ranked: Complete Big-Ass Guide.
I also make Life coaching guides like this one:  Crabs in a bucket: Why people want to see you FAIL.
I also make Business & Marketing guides, games recommendations and books recommendations.


  • I want to show you that it's entirely possible to make something great from a scratch with zero budget. 
  • I want to show you that you don't have to be a genius to get paid for doing the things you love.
  • I want to show you that everything can be improved, your dreams achieved and success to be had.

I have started It's High Noon as a case study. You're invited to walk with me all the way from zero traffic, zero email subscribers, from the lowest ranks in Overwatch and zero aim, from shitty PC that can't handle streaming to SUCCESS.

I am using Patreon as an option for you to invest in this project.


Every dollar you donate is an investment in yourself.

Each and every investment means at least 1 more day I can spend producing more content, which is completely about how YOU can replicate the success I'm having. 

Every dollar I get in investments is YOURS TOO. It's not a payment. It's an investment. And there is nothing in the world you need to invest in more than yourself.

If I succeed - so do you, because I'll show you how. PLUS, you're getting awesome rewards and bonuses! What's not to like?

Feel free about asking me anything you want concerning the project or Patreon  by email. I WILL respond.


I'll invest the money 100% in the project, meaning:
  • Upgrading the hardware and bandwith to start streaming.
  • Producing even more and even better high - quality content.
  • Hiring people for research purposes to start hunting down top world OW players, marketers and influencers for podcasts and interviews.
  • Creating a new service for hooking Overwatch teams up with sponsors.


  • all of the content I create is and will be FREE, the investments are completely optional
  • the rewards aren't there to sell my services (I usually charge much more), but to show you the power of investing in yourself
  • I am fucking thankful for each and every one of you who decides to invest! It wouldn't be possible without you. You're the best. Thanks again.
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When I get here I'll update my PC to handle streaming and you all get free Overwatch live streaming goodness for free! 
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