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Your name or username will appear in the BACKERS.md of all  my Github projects having 50+ stars.

Each project will also have a button in their README.md linking to the backers file, so you'll have visibility in every project I create that becomes popular.
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You'll have the "Backer" benefits, plus the possibility of adding a link to your site.
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You'll have the "Special Backer" benefits, plus the possibility of appearing in a dedicated section of the README.md of 2 of the Github projects with most stars, also with your logo or avatar (45px height).

Considering that the README.md is also the homepage of most of the projects' websites and some of the projects have +1,000 stars and +10,000 pageviews per month, you'll be also increasing your online visibility.




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Hey, thanks for visiting my Patreon 🙂 I'm Javi and I like to work on coding stuff that others could re-use and improve.

I love Open Source, but maintaining open source projects can also become very time consuming, time that you don't invest in your personal life when you have a full time job that you also have to commit to, which is my case.

While lots of work has been done by many awesome contributors in all of my projects, they are mainly maintained by me and not always I have the time I'd like to dedicate to them. I also created Github organisations like Farbelous and Capsule Monsters to encourage others to join and collaborate more actively but still, I am the main developer of most of the bug fixes and features of all their projects.

I thought many times to give up and discontinue these projects, but something inside me tells me not to do it 💪, to not throw away years of work and learning.

To encourage myself to keep it up, I created this Patreon with the hope of getting the motivation and support I'd like for the time and money I invest (and will invest) in all these projects.
Of course, the more support I receive the more my enthusiasm and motivation for the projects will be 😍so I can improve their quality while keeping more balance in my life.

This doesn't mean I won't keep improving them if I don't get any support, but It will help me a lot to go through all those weekends and sleepless nights 😴I spent (and will spend probably) coding open source stuff... I will feel it's more worth to sacrifice a bit more of my free time 🍻.

Basically my goals are to reach a high level of quality and ensure that each project is up to the standards they have set so far, or bring modern standards and practices to the projects that still don't have them and resolve problems a bit quicker.


These are some of the most popular projects you will be supporting:

Bootstrap Colorpicker
I started this project many years ago (2013) from the necessity of having a color picker widget integrated with the Twitter Bootstrap framework. I never thought It was going to become so popular, but there it is now with more than 1,000 stargazers and more than 300 forks on Github.

Right now I am focused on finishing the features and fixing bugs for releasing version 3.0.0, which has been a partial rewrite of the code to support modern JS development with Webpack, Babel and ES6.

Font Awesome Iconpicker
This project started in 2014 as a component for one of my custom CMS I used with many clients. Then I thought why not making it open source. It has become my second most popular project, which I'd still like to maintain actively.

Other projects
I also have other projects in JavaScript and PHP, that you will be supporting if you become a Patron. You can find them in my personal and organisational Github accounts:

... and I also have many other web and game related projects I'd like to create and open source, one of them being a 2D RPG gaming engine for the web and the others are more into React JS components and modern javascript.

Of course, if some of these projects has helped or helps you in your personal projects or business, consider making a recurring pledge. ;-)

Thank you!

Javi Aguilar

$0 of $500 per month
That will help me with some coffees =), covering the expenses of all the domains hosting the projects like farbelous.io, online services like Cloudflare and AWS or yearly licenses for the software I use.
It will also help me keep me motivated in what I am doing for the Open Source community.
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