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I am Dimi3, a Srilankan music producer, sound engineer and a  recording artist.I started making music in 2008 and because I was so passionate about composing and producing, I chose music as my career path in 2010, when I was 20 years old.But the journey was not very pleasing to me, It was very hard for me to continue as a music producer because of the struggle.Somehow I made it up to a certain level by now with 15k youtube subscribers and some 100k+ views on my channel.The main thing is I only perform in my language which is Srilankan and I don't know whether you can understand it or not, but I know music is a universal language and it can speak louder when we are in sync.I was introduced to patreon by a youtube video and after I heard the news I got so excited.I hope this can be a good beginning for me because it is very hard for an artist to find an audience which supports to move him up.I hope you will like my music.Welcome to my page !!
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When I reach 500$ per month I will start to create more musical contents such as cinema music and EDM
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